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Educators Explore the Future of Healthcare at Biotech Day at the Cradle of Aviation Museum

Garden City, N.Y — On Tuesday, November 8, from 9:00 am- 2:30 pm, Biotech Day will be held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Biotech Day hosted in conjunction with Northwell Health aims to provide Long Island educators with biotechnology content for their students. Biotechnology can be defined as, “…technology based on biology to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet.” (Greenwood, 2016) Presenters will discuss the growing field of biotechnology, how this branch of science can solve the challenges of today in the future, and explore how the human body responds to its environment.

To celebrate the strides of biotechnology, the museum is honored to host Chad Bouton, Vice President, Advanced Engineering at Feinstein Institute for Medical Research as our closing keynote address. Mr. Bouton has extensive history of working in the bioelectric medicine field. Some of his accomplishments include: developing cancer algorithms to help surgeons pinpoint and remove tumors more effectively, developing neural decoding methods that allowed the first paralyzed person with a brain implant to move again with their own thoughts, and was named Inventor of the Year and Distinguished Inventor by Battelle. “In the past, Long Island was in the forefront of aircraft manufacturing, and many Long Islanders built a career in that industry,” stated Kevin Hershfield, Education Coordinator. “Now Long Island has the opportunity to be on the forefront of healthcare and innovations related to the medical field.”

Teachers may register register for Biotech Day and other exciting professional development offerings at and navigate to the Education tab then click on Professional Development.

Biotech Day is just one of the many professional development offerings produced by the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The Cradle is home to over 75 planes and spacecraft and is located on Charles Lindbergh Blvd., in East Garden City. For more information call 516-572-4111 or visit