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Curator's Choice Video Collection

Cradle of Aviation Museum Historian and Curator, Josh Stoff, curates interesting short YouTube videos and provides commentary.

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Welcome to the Curator's Choice Video Collection!

"I have searched through the detritus of YouTube so you don't have to! These will either be modern, historical or movie clips, but all relevant to the museum's Long Island aerospace mission." - Josh Stoff

Josh will provide commentary, adding background information, interesting facts or pointing out any historical inaccuracies.

We'll be adding more weekly so check back soon, enjoy!


About the Curator
Joshua Stoff is the Curator of the Cradle of Aviation Museum located in Garden City, N.Y. He is the author of 20 books on the history of aviation and spaceflight as well as numerous articles. He has made frequent appearances on the History, Science and Discovery channels as an 'Aerospace Historian'.