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College Admissions & STEAM Guide 2023

Newsday’s 14th Edition 2023-2024

This free guide is packed with resources such as a downloadable financial aid toolkit, worksheets, and planning timeline.

Students, Parents, and Educators – use this guide to navigate the choices ahead, from community college to a large university.

With the Right Prep, College Is In Your Future!

Twelve years ago, Newsday published the first edition of the College Admissions Guide. The purpose was simple: provide a pocket-sized guide for college-bound students and their parents that would help to reduce the anxiety and confusion involved in the college admissions process. That process has become even more challenging due to the altered landscape of higher education from the coronavirus pandemic. This guide takes into account the new reality such as virtual learning and virtual campus tours while continuing to provide quick reads, packed with guidelines, tips, online resources, and worksheets, to help students realize their dream of a college degree. This year’s 12th edition continues our mission. The guide is available online and is aimed at students, parents, guidance counselors, libraries, youth, and non-profit organizations, and college prep programs.

You can also pick up a printed copy when you visit the museum.