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The Most Ideal Place

A film by David Regos

Presented by NASA and Houston Cinema Arts Society.

0:00 NASA & Houston Cinema Arts Society Intro
1:04 International Space Station 20th Anniversary video
4:00 The Most Ideal Place

When preparations were being made for the historic Apollo 11 moon mission, three space stations around the globe were needed to keep track of the spaceflight. One was in California, one in Australia, and the third was in an unknown sleepy village in the middle of Spain. “The Most Ideal Place” shows the crucial role that the town of Fresnedillas played in July 1969. This documentary tells the story of the local Spaniards who unexpectedly became an important part of this monumental event. This film by David Regos won First Place Best Documentary in the 2019 CineSpace competition.

CineSpace, a short film competition created by NASA’s Johnson Space Center in partnership with the Houston Cinema Arts Society, offers aspiring and professional filmmakers a chance to share their works inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery. With more than 1,700 films from 55 countries submitted over the past 5 years, the program features films from past finalist and winners of the competition and showcases films from various genres, including narrative, documentary, comedy, drama, sci-fi, and more.