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The Science of Flight - Bats

Some say there are witches in the air on Halloween night and maybe werewolves out there howling to the Full Moon, but those are just stories. There are flying creatures that lurk in the night! Bats! Follow our educator to build your own Popsicle stick bat and learn about how bats fly along the way.

Bats Craft Activity Video

Materials Supply List:

Popsicle/Craft Sticks
Black Craft Paper
Black Paint
Paint Brush
Googly Eyes

The Science of Flight - Bats

Bats have very thin bones and skin on their wings. Unlike most birds, bats have some marrow in their bones. But since their bones are so thin, bats are very lightweight. The shape of their wings is also important for flight. Bats have airfoil shaped wings, just like an airplane which affects the air traveling above and below their wings resulting in LIFT!