Homeschool Programs

“Genius is an exceedingly common human quality, probably natural to most of us.”

~ John Taylor Gatto

The Cradle of Aviation Museum recognizes the unique nature of home school groups and is pleased to be able to offer a variety of options to make your visit a memorable one. All groups, regardless of size, are encouraged to take advantage of special free downloadable resources. Available resources include scavenger hunts and educator guides for exhibitions and films.

Group Offerings
Home school groups can benefit from school group rates and activities when they bring in 25 or more students*. To take advantage of this offer parents must present a confirmation notice of each child's State Letter of Intent. During your visit not only can you explore the Museum’s galleries, see a Giant Screen film, or Planetarium Show but you can also enjoy museum classes. The same school group rates also apply to chaperones.

Enhance Your Group Visit
Home school groups with more than 25 students are welcome to book any of our museum classes*, provided that program capacity and grade level requirements are met. These educator-led programs include active discussion, fun visuals, hands-on demonstrations and more. All museum classes are aligned to National and State standards.

* Prices for groups less than 25 students or without a confirmation notice Letter of Intent pay regular ticket pricing. Reduced pricing valid with 48 hour advance reservations only

Group Rates
$6.50, Theater $7.00 or Museum/Theater Combo $11.50 - rates are per person.

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