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Girl Scout Programs

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout programs at the Cradle of Aviation include Journey Awards Daisies and Skill Building Badges for Cadettes.

Programs are 1.5 hours, 2 troop leaders are required and admitted free for all programs. A minimum of ten scouts is required for all Girl Scout programs and a maximum of 25.

Sorry, non-scout siblings are not allowed in Scout programs.

Use Resources Wisely - Discover what it means to recycle and why it's important! Scouts will learn how they can recycle things in their own neighborhood, how nature recycles, and how they can cut down on garbage. Each Scout will make and bring home a flower seed planted in a small pot made of biodegradable materials. $17/Scout

Fling Flyer - Is it a bird? No! It's a plane! Join us to learn about the forces of flight while experimenting with different styles of paper airplanes. Then, put your skills to the test to design and build your very own Fling Rocket! Launch them and watch them soar! $17/Scout 

Explore the cosmos and uncover the vastness of our solar system! This hands-on program will enlighten scouts about the vast distances between Earth and celestial objects like stars, planets, and the Sun. Scouts will also dive into the intriguing world of constellations and the stories behind the stars within them, blending science and mythos in our universe. As a special takeaway, scouts will create their own 3D model of the solar system. $25/Scout

What is a robot, and how can we recognize one? In this engaging program, scouts will step into the role of programmers as they explore the concept of the 'robot brain' and how code serves as the language of robots. Through hands-on experience with drones, scouts will discover the crucial role of code in enabling humans to communicate with robots and provide them with instructions. $30/Scout

Night Owl - Explore the night sky, learn about constellation legends, and make a star finder. Scouts will experiment with glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent objects and discover the dark world of bioluminescent creatures. $21/Scout 

Want to learn more about the Girl Scout programs? Please use the form below or to make a reservation, call 516-572-4066 (M-F, 10-4).

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