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Fairchild AUM-N-2 Petrel

Wyandanch, 1951

In 1946 Fairchild Guided Missiles was established in Wyandanch for the development of new types of military missiles. Their first product was the Petrel, a revolutionary new missile that was operational by 1951. The Petrel was an air-launched missile, and was designed for use against surface ships and submarines. It consisted of a Mk 13 torpedo fitted to a jet-powered airframe. The torpedo would shed its airframe at a predetermined range and enter the water as a normal homing torpedo. The Petrel provided patrol aircraft with an offensive capability against enemy ships and submarines from beyond the effective range of those ships defensive armament.

Wingspan: 13'
Length: 24'
Top Speed: Mach .7 (about 500 mph)
Engine: Fairchild J-44 turbojet, 1000 lbs thrust
Weight: 3800 lbs

On Loan: National Air & Space Museum