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Commonwealth 185 Skyranger

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Commonwealth 185 Skyranger, Valley Stream, 1946

At the end of World War Two, Columbia Aircraft of Valley Stream was bought out by Commonwealth Aircraft of Kansas City. Commonwealth then began the construction of a small civil aircraft at their Valley Stream plant for just one year, 1946. The ‘Skyranger', designed in 1940 and seating two, sold for about $3000. It featured a steel tube fuselage and wooden wing, both fabric covered. As the anticipated post-war boom in civil aviation never occurred, Commonwealth went bankrupt in 1947. In all, 275 Skyrangers were built.

Wingspan: 34'
Length: 21' 9"
Engine: 85hp Continental
Top Speed: 110 mph
Weight: 1022 lbs

Donor: Ray Newman

A Skyranger of the 1950s

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