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Jet Age Gallery, 1946-1995

Maxson AQM-37A Target Missile

Great River, 1972

This supersonic target missile simulated enemy threat systems for air-to-air and surface-to-air missile testing and training. The target missile was normally air-launched, but it did have surface launch capability from shipboard or land-based launcher systems. The target's universal launch capability and high performance uniquely suited it to a number of tactical and support missions. The missile utilized a liquid-fuel rocket engine and could project a radar image to simulate a variety of targets. The AQM-37A was originally developed by Beech Aircraft with Maxson Electronics of Great River brought on as a second supplier.

Length: 14' 2"
Width: 13'
Engine: Rocketdyne, 630 lbs thrust
Top Speed: 1700 mph
Weight: 565 lbs