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Camp Group Visits

Take your Camp Group on a trip they’ll never forget!

Call Reservations at 516-572-4066 (Monday-Friday) to reserve your date!

Explore over 150,000 air-conditioned square feet of museum featuring 75 air and spacecraft from a hot air balloon to an actual Lunar Module. There are over 30 hands-on exhibits, a half dozen cockpits to climb into and many short films through-out the exhibits.

When you add in our Planetarium, Dome Theater, Carousel and Red Planet Café, a visit to the Cradle of Aviation Museum is an unforgettable and exciting field trip, right in your own back yard. The Cradle provides your group with a safe and spacious environment that's sure to please everyone. We're located in Garden City on the site of the historic Mitchel Field airbase right next to Nassau Community College and the Nassau Coliseum.

Enjoy one of our workshops or a guided tour or your group may visit the museum galleries without a guide. The exhibits are in chronological order and throughout the museum, our volunteer docents are there to share their aerospace experience.

Camp Workshops

Workshops are $1.00/camper in addition to museum admission

Living in Space 30 minutes, all grade levels
There are many things one needs to know before venturing up into space…like how does one survive? The most common and practical questions will be answered on what life is like in space. Students will discover where to sleep, what kind of food is available, what astronauts wear and how they go to the bathroom. Students will even get to try on a space suit!

Rockets Away! 30 minutes, grades 4-12
Rocketry is an important development in modern day science and technology. This program will guide students through historic milestones leading to some of the current uses of rockets. Demonstrations of basic rockets will be included.

Kites! 30 minutes, grades 1-3
3000 years ago the Chinese invented kites and today most of us have attempted to fly one. Learn how kites were precursors to airplanes and build your own kite.

How Does It Fly? 30 minutes, Grades1-8
What are lift, thrust and drag? These are just a few of the concepts explored in this program that features hands-on demonstrations covering the history of air travel. Explanations of how flight is accomplished will provide insight into the scientific principles of flight.

Guided Tour

A Guided Tour is $2.00/camper in addition to museum admission

The History of Flight from Balloons to the Moon! 50 minutes, Ages 6–12
Now you can take a stroll through history from hot air balloons to a walk on the moon in under an hour. This museum educator led program will take your group through the museum’s collections focusing on the major events in aviation history from the early days of manned flight to Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the lunar surface. The tour can be tailored to the needs and age level of each group. Maximum 25 campers per workshop or tour.

Camp Group Add-ons!

Add these great options to your visit:


The Cradle of Aviation offers your group the option of purchasing a special box lunch or reserving tables for brown bagged lunches. Please ask a reservation assistant for available options.

Camp Group Rates and Reservation Information

Camp Groups Museum Planetarium/Theater Combo Carousel
Adults & Children $9.50 $8.00 $14.50 2.00

Contact Group reservations at 516-572-4066 to reserve your date or use the form below.

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