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At-Home Activities

At-Home Activities from our Education Team! Enjoy and please share on social media and tag us @cradleofaviation and #cradleofaviation!

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Design A Mission Patch

NASA Mission Patches are designed by astronauts and people who work on a specific mission. These patches tell you all about where the mission is going, what the goal of the mission is, and even sometimes who was on the mission. Get inspired by past patches here: Design your own mission patch! Some things to think about: Where are you going? What is the name of your mission? Who is coming with you? What is the goal of your mission? (science, exploration, peace)

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Crater Toss

The Moon isn’t made of cheese, but it is made of many craters! Craters were made by celestial objects crashing into its surface over many, many years. Make a messy Moon surface and see how large (or small) the craters can be.

  1. Grab a deep baking dish
  2. Fill it with flour or cocoa powder and the coat the bottom of the dish
  3. Then, gather up lots of circular objects like a tennis ball, a cotton ball, etc.
  4. Toss each object onto your lunar surface
  5. Use a ruler to measure how big the crater is – does the size of the object matter, how about the height you dropped it from?
  6. How many craters were you able to make on your Moon’s surface?

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Make a Constellation Finder

(developed from

  1. Follow the directions below to make your own constellation finder! Use the finder to uncover constellations in your backyard!

  2. Print out the inner and outer layers on your computer.
  3. On the sky map, cut away the edges; giving us a nice constellation circle.
  4. For our holder, cut all the way around the edges, but be careful not to lose the white box at the bottom. Then, carefully cut away the center.
  5. Place your constellations within the star wheel holder by folding the white rectangle box over the bottom (like a sleeve).

PB&J Robot

This activity is designed to have you (or your grown-up, or your sibling) act like a robot! Not the robot as a dance but pretend to act like a robot. Robots can do lots of different tasks when the task is made simple through easy step-by-step instructions. They can be programmed to complete different tasks and activities, but unlike a human, the robot cannot make choices. This means the instructions must be very exact because robots are robotic! They cannot think and only do what is written for them. In our program, we’re going to ask you to think about the steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or your any sandwich that you have ingredients for). Write the instructions to make this sandwich and then tell your robot each step. Robots you have to follow each step exactly – no adding actions or items to this project. See how close your robot gets to making the correct sandwich.


  • Did you have a hard time thinking of all the steps?
  • How many times did you have to add to the directions?
  • Was the robot able to eat the sandwich?

Don’t despair when the toilet paper roll runs out of paper! Yes, it’s going to happen- you’ve been using that toilet paper so carefully and sparingly, but, eventually, the roll is going to run out. We’re here to turn lemons into lemonade and show you 3 great space and aviation-themed crafts that you can make with that empty roll!

Download the linked 7mb pdf file for instructions (Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later required)

The fun and learning continue at home with our Ring Glider and Roto-Copter activities!

Download the linked 250kb PDF

Virtual Museum Home > At-Home Activities