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Cradle of Aviation Museum Historian and Curator, Josh Stoff, curates interesting short YouTube videos and provides commentary.

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Apollo 12 Landing Scene (From Earth to the Moon)

YouTube Channel: SpaceTimeExplorer, posted Nov 26, 2013

The landing of Apollo 12

The second manned Lunar landing was made by Commander Charles ‘Pete’ Conrad and Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean. It landed on the Moon’s ‘Ocean of Storms’, on November 19, 1969. Unlike Apollo 11, the landing was an exercise in precision targeting, which would be needed for future Apollo missions. Thanks to some amazing computer programming and great last-minute piloting, Apollo 12 succeeded in landing exactly at its intended target – within walking distance of the old Surveyor 3 probe.

Unlike the businesslike monotone of Armstrong and Aldrin on the Apollo 11 landing, the crew of Apollo 12 was clearly excited, happy to be there, and just having a great time. This is evident in the dialogue from this scene in, ‘From Earth to the Moon’, which is almost word for word from the actual mission transcript.

So put it on full screen, crank up the volume and enjoy the landing of Apollo 12