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Virtual Field Trips

No buses or permission slips required! With our virtual field trips for students, educators can take their class on an interactive journey through aerospace history and participate in museum classes, all from the safety and comfort of the classroom.

Virtual Field Trips for Students are a safe alternative to in-person visits.

Interactive virtual field trips for kids are fun and educational! All virtual museum classes, planetariums shows, and guided tours can last up to 45-50 minutes and meet National and State common core standards.

Virtual Museum Classes

Living in Space - All grade levels
There are many things one needs to know before venturing up into space…like how does one go to the bathroom? The most common and practical questions will be answered on what life is like in space. Students will discover where to sleep, what kind of food is available, what astronauts wear and what some hazards are. Some students will even get to try on a spacesuit!

Kites! - grades 1 – 3
3000 years ago, the Chinese invented kites and today most of us have attempted to fly one. Learn how kites were precursors to airplanes and build your own. Book more than two weeks in advance so that required materials can be mailed to you.

Virtual Guided Planetarium Show

Current Night Sky - all grade levels
Long before television, GPS, and street lights, there were the stars of the night sky. Students will travel through the seasonal night sky to learn about constellations, hear mythical stories, and observe the magnificent Long Island sky. Pair with museum class: Living In Space

Virtual Guided Tour

Guided Tour: Highlights of Long Island Aviation - all grade levels (available in both English & Spanish)
From ballooning to the Moon…an evolution of aviation, all in under an hour. This museum educator-led program will take your group through the museum’s collections focusing upon major events and aircraft in aviation history. Inquiry-based learning will help students interpret the history of aviation on Long Island according to the age level and needs of each group.

with Virtual Field Trips, students can visit the museum from the safety of their classroom.

Virtual Field Trips Pricing

Virtual Field Trips begin at $300 for a maximum of 60 students or two classrooms. Customized experiences and multi-program discounts are available. (Programs must take place on the same day to be eligible.) To book your date, please call Reservations at 516-572-4066, Monday through Friday from 10-4. For more information, please see our FAQs below and/or contact the Education Department via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can be logged in to an event?

We ask a group to be at least 10 students and a maximum of two classrooms per session. Students are welcome to use their designated email to log on, or if your class is meeting in your school building to have the whole class join under one log-in.

How long is a virtual field trip?

All programs are 45 minutes. Virtual field trips will begin when the teacher who booked the program feels enough students have logged in, but no later than 10 minutes after the designated start time.

Can I book multiple programs on the same day?

Yes, absolutely! We’d be thrilled to provide more than one class! There’s even a same-day, multiple class booking discount available.

What platform is used for the trip?

The Museum has a Zoom account available for bookings. Each Zoom meeting is set-up with password protection to prevent outsiders from joining the class. Teachers are sent the link and password 24 hours before the trip to share with students.

We also understand many schools would prefer to use their own virtual space for trips. We’re happy to “jump” into your prescheduled and pre-set classroom through Google Meet, Teams, etc. Teachers selecting this format would share the class nickname or link with our assigned educator (you will receive a specific email address upon booking). If you are using your own platform, we ask you kindly coordinate a tech check with the educator a day or two before your trip to ensure there are no connectivity or log-in issues.

How will my kids be able to interact with the educator during the field trip?

Students are asked to mute their microphones during all of our programs. However, we LOVE questions and feedback from our visiting guests. Students are welcome to use the chat function (if it is permissible by their teacher) for questions, or use “raise hand” or “clap” icons to denote a question. We do ask teachers to unmute themselves to select students for engaging with the museum educator.

Do we need a webcam to participate?

No, you do not need a webcam to participate. The Cradle educators will be live, with video and voice for the duration of the event, but it is not required for the students.

Contact Us Today to Reserve Your Date!

To book your class, please call Reservations at 516-572-4066, Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm EST.

Or, for more information, use the contact form below to reach the Education Department.

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