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All Boy Scout Merit Badge programs at the Cradle are lead by certified counselors. 2 troop leaders required and admitted free for all programs. A minimum of eight scouts are required for all Boy Scout programs. Sorry, non-scout siblings are not allowed in Scout programs.

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To make a reservation, please call (516) 572-4066, Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.


Merit Badges

Robotics 3 1/2-hour program, $30 per scout
Pre-requisites required: 1a, 1b, 6b, & 7 
Compare and determine the essentials needed to engineer a robot. Learn about the robotics industry and its importance to our space program. Design, build, and test a robot. Explore different careers in the robotics field. Please note: Scouts will use LEGO Mindstorms kits to construct the robots. These kits remain property of the museum. Download pre-requisites work sheet here.

Energy 2 1/2-hour program, $15 per scout
Pre-requisites required: 1a, 4a, 4b, & 8
Learn about the different types, sources, and forms of energy. Explore NASA's drive to test various sources of renewable energy. Construct wind turbines and test energy output using different blades. Conduct an energy audit of your own home. Download pre-requisites work sheet here.

Space Exploration 3 1/2-hour program, $30 for Scouts
Build & launch your own rocket (weather permitting). Explore the museum’s space gallery. Design a moon base. See one of only three Lunar Module’s on Earth.

Aviation 2 1/2-hour program, $15 for Scouts
Discover how planes fly. Build your own glider. Take a guided tour through the museum. Learn to read cockpit instruments. Perform a pre-flight inspection of an airplane.

Astronomy 2 1/2-hour program, $30 for Scouts
Learn all about the stars, our moon & the planets in our Starlab. Create a star chart & identify constellations. Explore the effects of solar radiation on the Earth. Work with our optics lab to understand telescopes.

Weather 2 1/2-hour program, $15 for Scouts 
Construct your own weather station instruments. Create a meteorological map. Duplicate the effects of acid rain & other pollution. Discover how to protect our water supply by building a water filtration system.


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