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Layers of the Earth Craft Activity

Let's Celebrate Earth Day by creating a model of Earth’s interior and learning more about our planet in a fun way. 

Our Planet Earth is vital for our existence. It provides us with water, food, and air. Earth's interior is generally divided into three primary layers: the crust (brown), the mantle (orange), and the core.

The core is the center of the Earth and comprises two parts: the liquid outer core (red) and solid inner core (yellow). The outer core is mainly made of nickel, iron and responsible for the Earth's magnetic field. The Temperatures at the outer core is about 50,000 degrees Celsius. The inner core is so hot it causes all the metal in the outer core to melt.

The mantle lies below the crust and above the outer core. It consists of hot, dense, iron and magnesium-rich solid rock. The crust and the upper part of the mantle make up the lithosphere, broken into plates, both large and small.

The outside layer of the Earth is the crust. There are two types of crust: oceanic and continental. The Oceanic crust is a thin layer of the Earth's crust that underlies the ocean basin. The Continental crust is the thick part of the crust that forms the large landmasses.


  • 7 pieces of craft felt, black, green, brown, yellow, red, orange, and blue
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie or black marker
  • two printed pages from our PDF template

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