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NYIT Students Exhibit a Blueprint for Our Future at the Cradle of Aviation Museum

Garden City, N.Y. – From Tuesday, May 19th – Monday, June 1st, two teams comprised of architectural and engineering students and alumni from NYIT will have an exhibit to showcase their ideas for a proposed Tech Training Center at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The Tech Training Center will serve as both an educational center for manufacturing students to obtain college credit and the career skills needed for the workforce as well as house the Museum’s restoration projects. Based on these initiatives, the NYIT teams created blueprints and 3-D models as part of a larger Tech Training Center Competition held earlier this year. Student presentations were judged by a panel of architects, industry professionals, and representatives from the Cradle of Aviation. The top designs were chosen to be integrated into a course curriculum for architectural students.

Teams were judged on their overall design concept, demonstration of architectural and engineering skills, and their knowledge of the building’s significance for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning and airplane restoration. “This project is a great collaboration between industry and collegiate students. It’s an opportunity for these students to showcase their abilities to industry leaders while advancing their interest in the field,” said Catherine Bingham, Education Manager. “The Cradle of Aviation Tech Training Center aims to foster these relationships further by having students earn credits in manufacturing and tech education in a unique environment.” The Tech Training Center Competition encouraged college level students to use their understanding and skills in mathematics, science, and engineering with a real-world application.

The student exhibit showcase will include: panels to illustrate the site plan of the building, the selected construction materials and a 3D model of their building. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the models will be shown at an exhibit at NYIT.

The Tech Training Center Competition is just one of many educational competitions produced by the Cradle of Aviation Museum. The Cradle is home to over 75 planes and spacecraft and is located on Charles Lindbergh Blvd., in the Garden City/Uniondale area. For more information call 516-572-4111 or visit