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Celebrando Cultura en el Museo Cradle of Aviation

Celebrando la Comunidad Latina - Celebrating the Latinx Community!

La visión del Museo Cradle of Aviation es de inspirar y servir a la creciente comunidad Latina de Long Island mediante la creación de programas culturales, educativos y orientados a la familia que se enfocan en la industria aeroespacial, la tecnología y los líderes Latinos en STEM (Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, y Matemáticas).

“Me entusiasma destacar las contribuciones de la comunidad Latina a nivel local para la comunidad de Long Island.” – Ines D. Jijón, Coordinadora de Educación Bilingüe

Celebrando Cultura is the Cradle of Aviation Museum’s vision to inspire and serve the growing Long Island Latinx Community by creating cultural, educational and family oriented programs focusing on aerospace, technology and Latinx STEM leaders.

“I am excited to highlight the contributions of the Latinx Community locally for the community of Long Island.” – Ines D. Jijón, Bilingual Education Coordinator

Calendario de Eventos de La Comunidad Latina / Latinx Community Event & Celebration Calendar - 2023

Join us every weekend from September 16th to October 15th, 2023, 12 pm - 4 pm, for an engaging self-guided activity.

Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Hispanic heritage, celebrated through music and innovation.

  • Create unique sound instruments, and learn about these extraordinary Latinx individuals who've shaped history.
  • Craft maracas and delve into the world of Elisa Quintana, the brilliant Astrophysicist from Silver City, New Mexico, embracing her Chicana heritage.
  • Explore the roots of NASA Astronaut Michael E. López-Alegría with our Casanet activity, a nod to his journey beyond the stars.
  • Discover theoretical physics with Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, the Cuban-American genius, by building your own tambourine and exploring the symphony of science. 
  • And learn about JetBlue Airways Captain, Javier Green. 

This experience promises inspiration and enlightenment, offering a hands-on connection to the essence of Hispanic heritage. Free with museum admission.

Las Estrellas de Las Americas

Bilingual Planetarium Show

"Las Estrellas de las Americas," is a bilingual show that weaves together captivating Latin American mythology through immersive storytelling. Come with us from Long Island to South America as we explore the constellations and hear mythical stories from various South American cultures, as Educator Ines teaches us about stargazing and Greek mythology surrounding the constellations. Separate admission is required for planetarium shows.

See the schedule here.