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All-Star STEM Women Inspire Next Generation of Girls

STEM Panelists from left to right: Carol Silva, News 12 Long Island Anchor; Lt. Col. Jill Long, Fighter Pilot; Dr. Nada Marie Anid, Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences; Ellen Baker, Astronaut; Jennifer Baxmeyer, CAM Director of Education; and Andrew Parton, CAM Executive Director.

Garden City, N.Y. – In Celebrating Women's History month the Cradle of Aviation hosted its 2nd annual "Salute To Women" event. This year the museum honored women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) featuring an extraordinary panel of women including Lieutenant Colonel Jill Long A-10 Fighter Pilot , Ellen Baker Retired Astronaut and Physician, and New York Institute of Technology's own -Dr. Nada Marie Anid Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. Mediating the event was News 12 Long Island, Anchor Carol Silva.

"I commend the Cradle of Aviation Museum for putting together an event just for girls and giving them the opportunity to hear the passion that females, who have broken barriers (including the sound barrier!), have for science and engineering. The goal was to empower every girl in the auditorium to think: "I can do this!" said Dr. Anid whose take- away message for the girls was "that commitment, determination, hard work and perseverance are what it takes to realize your dreams."

The event is designed to motivate young girls to consider careers in STEM which traditionally have been male dominated. The event also celebrates active role models in STEM. Each panel member discussed their specific career field, how they got there and the importance of women in America's growing shortage of STEM professionals.