Nunley's Historic Carousel

41 horses and a lion await you on this legendary, over 100 year old, beautifully restored carousel.

Historic Nunley's Carousel

Nunley's Carousel is located in its own building adjacent to the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Museum Row. 

Admission is $2.00 per rider and everyone on the carousel is required to have a ticket!

Nunley’s Carousel was created in 1912 by the Stein and Goldstein Artistic Carousell Co. of Brooklyn New York. The carousel was installed on the Brooklyn waterfront in Canarsie’s Golden City Park where it was known as “Murphy’s” carousel and operated for 26 years. in the Spring of 1940, it reopened as Nunley's Carousel in Baldwin NY. Nunley’s closed in 1995 and was purchased by Nassau County. Re-opened in its new home on Museum Row in 2009, the carousel has been painstakingly restored to its former glory.

Murphy's Carousel became Nunley's Carousel

LIPS 2019 – Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium

August 13-16, 2019
LIPS 2019 – Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium

Welcome to the Live, Interactive Planetarium Symposium (LIPS) Registration Page!

LIPS: Wednesday-Friday, August 14 – 16

LIPS will specifically focus on live, interactive planetarium lessons: connecting with your audience; enhancing performance skills; classroom management techniques; sample activities; etc. LIPS' goals include:

- To provide a participatory and practical professional development opportunity focusing on live presentations.
- To offer an opportunity to network with others doing live, interactive shows.
- To share information about available resources and products.
- To share ideas for improving programs: content, teaching tips, classroom management, etc.
- To explore what is required to start or improve an outreach program or business.

LIPS is different from other planetarium conferences in several key ways:

This is not a full-dome movie festival; instead, it focuses on skills and techniques for live lessons. While there are vendor demonstrations, these are live, interactive teaching demonstrations.

The attendees choose what is on the schedule. How do they do this? By proposing a session they wish to lead, requesting a session to be led by someone else, and finally by choosing which sessions they want to attend. Note: Attendees must first register in order to propose, request, or choose sessions.

There will be no true "lectures" at LIPS 2019; all sessions should be interactive. Prospective presenters: Remember that attendees are coming to LIPS because they do (or want to start to do) live, interactive lessons. This audience wants to actively take part in sessions, not observe passively.

Data to Dome Day: Tuesday, August 13

There is also an optional add-on Data to Dome day on Tuesday, August 13 with an emphasis on using current science in live, interactive programs. This will be our second Data to Day workshop at LIPS, with the first held by the LIPS 2018 host, Pacific Science Center. This is a joint venture with the International Planetarium Society's Science and Data Visualization Task Force:

Registration Options

Attendee - LIPS Conference AND Data to Dome Day (Tuesday through Friday) $275 (IPS Member $250)
Sponsor - LIPS Conference AND Data to Dome Day (Tuesday through Friday) $475

Attendee - LIPS Conference Only (Wednesday through Friday) $250 (IPS Member $225)
Sponsor - LIPS Conference Only (Wednesday through Friday) $450