Planetarium and Dome Theater

Our immersive planetarium and full-dome theater is one of the largest and most powerful virtual reality experiences in the world!

Astrobiology Space Lab

Thursday, December 21, 2017
11:00 am
Astrobiology Space Lab

Our live full dome programs utilize Uniview, a visualization and simulation software aimed at presenting and teaching astronomy, astrophysics and earth sciences. Our full dome theater is a large-scale immersive environment, featuring realtime digital planetarium, and large-format cinema.

Put your imagination and science to the test! In this live program, students will explore astrobiology, the study of all life in the universe. They will take what they know of Earth's atmosphere, environment, and its place in the Solar System and using that knowledge, compare it to new exoplanets found in the Universe! Are they capable of supporting life? What might those aliens look like?! ET, Wall-E, Stromtroopers... are they out there?!