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Countdown to Apollo at 50 Celebration

Did you know that Long Island was one of the most important regions in the country involved in the success of landing man on the moon? From 1961 to 1972, Grumman employees, designed, assembled and tested the Apollo Lunar Modules that successfully landed 12 men on the moon between 1969-1972.

In all, Grumman built ten Lunar Modules, seven of which went into space and three that remain here on earth. One is at the Kennedy Space Center, one at the Smithsonian Museum and the third is here at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Long Island and Grumman’s role in the Apollo program is the focus of the Cradle of Aviation Museum’s celebration, “Countdown to Apollo at 50”.

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“Countdown to Apollo at 50” is a monumental program as it celebrates one of the greatest achievements in U.S. history. Long Island’s role in Apollo’s success cannot be denied and must be underscored to our children. We invite everyone to come and celebrate the amazing work accomplished right here on Long Island and we hope that it inspires future generations.” - Andrew Parton, President, Cradle of Aviation Museum

Apollo on Exhibit at the Cradle of Aviation Museum

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