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Museum Overnight


Please tell us the names and ages of any minors you will be in charge of. If you are chaperoning a non-related child in your group, that child's parent or guardian must also submit this form.
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In consideration of being allowed by the Cradle of Aviation (“Museum”) to participate in their overnight program (“Program”), I hereby agree that:

I agree to accept and abide by the rules and regulations of the Program as established by the Museum and to obey the direction of the Museum’s representatives.

I understand if any rules and regulations are broken, I agree with the consequences up to and including removal from premises without any refund.

I understand that video production and/or photography may be conducted during the Program. I grant full and irrevocable consent to the Museum and those acting under its permission or upon its authority, the unqualified right and permission to reproduce, copyright, publish, or otherwise use my photographic likeness.

I understand that neither medical nor health insurance coverage is supplied by the Museum and that the participant is responsible for all insurance coverage.

I understand and expressly assume the risk of any and all damage, injury, death, or harm which may occur to me or my property. I further understand the Museum assumes no responsibility for any personal property brought into the Museum.

I forever release and discharge the Cradle of Aviation Museum, its officers, directors, employees, agents, assigns, and insurer from any and all claims or liability arising out of or in connection with my and/or my child’s participation in the Program. This release includes libel, invasion of privacy, negligence, or other faults that result in personal injury, death, or property damage during or in connection with the above program or activities. This release will be construed according to the law of New York State. This Permission and Release shall inure to the benefit of licensees and assigns of the Cradle of Aviation, and shall inure to the benefit of licenses and assigns of the Cradle of Aviation, and shall be binding upon myself and / or my child, spouse, and my / his / her / heirs, estate, personal representatives, and assigns.

I understand that visitors are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the Museum at any time.

I understand that any chaperone must be 21 years and over and active participants in the overnight with those under his/her supervision and must remain with those participants throughout the course of the program.

This document contains a release of claims. Please read it carefully before signing.

I acknowledge that I have received, read, understood, and agreed to the above and I voluntarily sign this Participant Permission and Release agreement.

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