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Live Action Movie Parody Show - There is no spoon: THE MATRIX

Saturday, July 22, 2017
7:00 pm11:00 pm
Live Action Movie Parody Show - There is no spoon: THE MATRIX

Join us Saturday, July 22 for a special 80s evening featuring a LIVE ACTION MOVIE PARODY/DRINKING GAME and time in our RETRO VIDEO GAME EXHIBIT!

$20 advanced tickets, $25 at the door if available!

This is a 21+ event, No ID, no entry! Drink responsibly.


About The Show
Welcome to the Usual Rejects production of There is no spoon: THE MATRIX, where we ruin your childhood one blockbuster at a time. 5 actors take on all the roles and all the hilarious action of this epic Sci-Fi box office smash! Will you take the blue pill or the red pill? Wait...which means what again? WHOA, its also a Drinking Game! With every purchase of a ticket gets you 2 free beers! There will be audience participation, trivia, raffle prizes...and so much more! And be sure to be a digital pimp and stay after the show to enjoy the Retro Gaming Exhibit! Free. Your. Mind. WHOA. THIS SHOW IS RATED R - Wait what? That's right, we card at the Door! 21+ Allowed in! Lets all kung fu kick our livers together, because ignorance is bliss. Join us as we tumble down the rabbit-hole, avoid well tailored agents and dodge really slow bullets - all while enjoying a tasty beverage! To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human! Lives saved. Dreams fulfilled. Game on.

About The Usual Rejects
A staged parody of all your favorite EPIC blockbuster movies. 5 comedic actors. Every role. Bad accents, costumes, talking dinosaurs, audience participation, trivia, and only the most quotable films. Come join the fun and see your favorite films portrayed like never before! You may even get to be part of the show! The Usual Rejects was created as a fundraiser to support programming and productions at The Chain Theatre, a 501c3 not for profit company. All ticket sales and proceeds go to continuing this line of nonsense and supporting a great independent theatre company located in NYC. This is a staged reading presented as a drinking game. Different references in the movie or actions of characters will result in the actors yelling: “DRINK!” We encourage all audience members to drink responsibly.

About the Retro Video Game Exhibit
From the Arcade to the Living Room explores the evolution of video game technology through exhibits and game play. From the early 70s black and white tennis games to the fully immersive 3d environments of the late 90s, come explore the progression of video games, their characters and the companies that became household names because of them. Get ready to play hundreds of titles on over 60 home consoles from the 70s to the 90s all on old school TV tubes! Plus, over 30 arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter II and many more! Come join us for an exciting interactive exhibit that remembers and reflects on the evolution of video games and the technology that changed our lives.