Girl Scout Programs


Girl Scouts

Girl Scout programs at the Cradle of Aviation include Journey Awards and Skill Building Badges for Cadettes, Juniors, Brownies, and Daisies.

Programs are 1.5 hours and costs $12 per Scout, 2 troop leaders required and admitted free for all programs. A minimum of eight scouts are required for all Girl Scout programs.

Sorry, non-scout siblings are not allowed in Scout programs.




Night Owl
Journey through our night sky, learn how light travels, and explore the electromagnetic spectrum in our JetBlue Sky Theater Planetarium. Then, venture into our galleries for a flashlight scavenger hunt and make your own star map to follow the stars from home! 

Please note: due to the use of our Jet Blue Sky Theater Planetarium, this program is $16.00 per scout.



Get Moving!
Without energy, nothing would be able to "get moving!" In this Journey, scouts will earn the ENERGIZE award defining energy and exploring different types, forms, and sources of energy. Then, scouts will explore how to conserve energy by starting to earn their INVESTIGATE award by working on an energy audit and leave understanding how to better preserve our environment by designing their own recyclable tote bag! 

Please note: due to consumable materials utilized during this program, "Get Moving" is $16.00 per scout.


Entertainment Technology
Where are some of your favorite places to go for entertainment? Is it the movies, an amusement park, a concert? Each place actually uses science principles to provide all the fun, thrills, and even sounds to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Scouts will investigate these places of entertainment using science. They'll discover the physics behind roller coasters, experiment with sound waves, and even learn about the beginnings of animation. 

Please note: This is a "learn and earn" program. Requirement step 2 must be done at home or with your troop to complete all the requirements. 

We've lost our Museum mascot! Can you be a super sleuth and help us solve the mystery at the museum? Working together with your troop, scouts will analyze fingerprints, decipher secret messages, and look at clues closely under a microscope to crack the case. 



WOW! Wonders of Water
Brownies are asked to use their leadership skills and values to learn about and protect the waters of our planet. Through hands-on activities, scouts will earn the LOVE water award by exploring the science of water, the water cycle, and rainbows. Then, scouts will start to earn the SAVE water award by learning about pollution and how to be water conservationists. 


Home Scientist
Come explore the science that surrounds you every day! Find answers to questions like: "Where is chemistry used in the kitchen?" Then, acting as scientists, participate in exciting experiments such as: creating a chemical reaction, understanding mixtures and solutions, and making a slime polymer! 

Did you ever see something like a new electronic or even something you use everyday like a backpack and think to yourself, "who had that idea?" In this program, scouts will learn about the inventions that made flight possible, explore famous women inventors, learn to think like an inventor, and make their own invention! 



Use Resources Wisely
Daisies will discover what it means to recycle and why it's important! They will learn how they can recycle items in their own neighborhood, how nature "recycles", and how they can help preserve our environment. Each scout will make their own collage and bring home a flower seed planted in a small biodegradable pot. Seeds can watered with recycled rain water. 

Want to learn more about the Girl Scout programs? Please use the form below or to make a reservation, please call 516-572-4066.

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