Girl Scout Programs


Girl Scouts

Girl Scout programs at the Cradle of Aviation include Journey Awards and Skill Building Badges for Ambassadors, Seniors, Cadettes, Juniors, Brownies, and Daisies.

Programs are 1.5 hours and $10 per Scout, 2 troop leaders required and admitted free for all programs. A minimum of eight scouts are required for all Girl Scout programs.

Sorry, non-scout siblings are not allowed in Scout programs.


Ambassador scouts will learn basic water facts and explore how the water cycle is Mother Nature's recycling plan. See how turbines are a vital part of hydropower and build and test the efficiency of different turbines. To grasp how important renewable energy is to keeping our Earth healthy, scouts will build an aquifer and attempt to filter "polluted" water.


Senior Scouts will spend time in our Jet Blue Sky Theater Planetarium learning about space and our Solar System. They will journey through our early Rocket and Space galleries in the museum, and hear about the contributions of women in space, especially Long Islanders like Ellen Baker and Mary Cleave. Scouts will then build and launch (launch is weather permitting) their own solid fuel rockets! There is an additional $15.00 materials fee, per scout, for rocket kits.



Earn the AWARE award by investigating the elements in the air. Learn about air pressure and how air flows on an airplane wing. Find out if there is air in space and how the atmosphere on Earth is different than on other planets. Start to earn the ALERT award by gathering ideas on how you can clean air.


Special Agent
Take a crack at forensic science! Test your observation skills, experiment with chromatography, and become a code breaker from World War II.

Night Owl
Explore the night sky, learn about constellation legends, and make a star finder. Experiment with glow in the dark and fluorescent objects. Discover the dark world of bioluminescent creatures.



Get Moving!
Earn the ENERGIZE award by exploring different forms of energy. Investigate renewable energy sources and find out how energy is conserved on Earth and in space. Start to earn the INVESTIGATE award by planning how to improve energy use.


Entertainment Technology
What’s the science behind sound and animation? Investigate the physics of roller coasters, make a flip book, a guitar, and your own 3-D glasses!

Can you solve a mystery at the museum? Analyze fingerprints, decipher secret messages, and look at clues closely under a microscope.

Playing the Past
What was it like to live in the past? How have women shaped the history of aviation? Explore games, careers, and costumes from another time period.



WOW! Wonders of Water
Earn the LOVE Water award by exploring the science of water, the water cycle, and rainbows. Discover how water is conserved by astronauts! Start to earn the SAVE Water award by building an aquifer and a rain gauge. Begin to plan how to protect water on our blue planet. Each scout must bring an empty, clean 2 liter soda bottle.


Household Elf
Go green! Learn how to save energy and water. Play the Recycling Game. Make a craft out of recycled materials. (1½ hours)

Home Scientist
How can you find chemistry in the kitchen? Play with static electricity, create a chemical reaction, and make a slime polymer! (1½ hours)

Discover important inventions in the history of aviation. Check out some women inventors, brainstorm your own ideas, and make your own invention!



Use Resources Wisely
Daisies will discover what it means to recycle and why it's important! They will learn how they can recycle things in their own neighborhood, how nature recycles, and how they can cut down on garbage. Each scout will make and bring home a flower seed planted in a small pot made of biodegradable materials. Seeds can be watered with recycled rain water.

Want to learn more about the Girl Scout programs? Please use the form below or to make a reservation, please call 516-572-4066.

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