Cub Scout Programs


Cub Scout programs at the Cradle of Aviation include Belt Loops, Academic Pins and Rank Activities for Tiger, Wolf and Bear Dens and Webelos. Programs are 1.5 hrs and $10 per Scout. Model programs require an additional $5 materials fee. Two troop leaders are required and admitted free and there is a minimum of eight scouts required per program. All programs are led by screened and certified counselors. Scout Awards are not supplied by the Museum. Due to space and program content, siblings are not able to be included in sessions. Want to learn more about the Cub Scout programs? Call Valerie Pfundstein, After-school Coordinator at (516) 572 4192 or email or use the form below. To make a reservation, please call (516) 572-4066.

Belt Loops

Science Work as scientists to make predictions about how different toys will work in space. Then learn about how science is used in the field of aerospace. Astronomy Sketch our solar system and the relative distance between planets. Use a telescope and learn about the many different objects in the universe. Weather See how meteorologists forecast weather and how it is detected using our radar exhibit. Create a simple tool to help forecast weather and learn all about the water cycle.

Academic Pins

Science Build, experiment, and draw all in the name of science! This pin offers scouts a chance to experience subjects such as physics, engineering, astronomy and chemistry. Astronomy Spend some time in our Starlab finding the North Star and learning about constellations. Then, visit our space gallery and Lunar Module.­­ Weather Using experiments and hands-on activities, find out about basic weather Patterns. See where weather can be found, its impacts, and the ingredients you need to conjure up some destructive forces like hurricanes and tornados.

Rank Activities

Tiger Dens - 1st Grade Elective 17 · Make a Model Spend time in the days of early aviation and learn about types of early planes. See different types of planes in the Hempstead Plains gallery and learn about biplanes. Make a wood model of a biplane to take home. Wolf Dens - 2nd Grade Achievement 7 · Your Living World Scouts will discuss various land forms, air and water pollution, and climate change. Scouts will learn about natural vs. manmade pollution and change. A basic recycling lesson is included. Elective 5 · Spare Time Fun Learn about the forces of flight and how kites were the predecessors of gliders and planes. Scouts will make different types of kites and a kite reel. In addition, scouts will build a model of an aircraft carrier and spend time in the World War II gallery observing the Hellcat and what advantage that plane had on an aircraft carrier! Bear Dens - 3rd Grade Achievement 21· Build a Model Scouts will get a tour of the Jet Age gallery, a lesson on solid fuel vs. liquid fuel, and discuss the advantages vs. disadvantages of both. A trip to Hanger 2 to view the F-14 is included. Scouts will build a wood model of a SR-71 Blackbird and a stand. Elective 1 · Space Visit our Starlab and learn about major Constellations. Visit the Space gallery to discuss why and where in space we are exploring. Scouts will construct a pinhole camera and a model of the space shuttle. Elective 2 · Weather Scouts will learn about basic weather patterns, the cloud cycle and what are good predictors of weather. During a hands-on experiment, scouts will see how the water cycle works and how a cloud is formed. Scouts will make a rain gauge and a weather log. Elective 6 · Air Craft Scouts will receive a brief tour of the galleries in order to identify different aircraft and learn about the forces of flight, with a focus on Lindbergh’s historic flight. Scouts will build a wood model of The Spirit of St. Louis. Webelos I & II - 4-5th Grade *Science Belt Loop is a pre-requisite* Scouts will learn about Bernoulli, Newton and Pascal and their laws. Hands-on demonstrations will include experiments on pressure, force and balance.

Want to learn more about the Cub Scout programs? Call Valerie Pfundstein, After-school Coordinator at (516) 572 4192 or email or use the form below. To make a reservation, please call (516) 572-4066.

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