Cub Scout Programs


Fall 2015 Cub Scout Programs

Programs are 1.5 hrs and $10 per Scout. Model programs require an additional $5 materials fee. Two troop leaders are required and admitted free and there is a minimum of eight scouts required per program. All programs are led by screened and certified counselors. Scout Awards are not supplied by the Museum. Due to space and program content, siblings are not able to be included in sessions.

Want to learn more about the Cub Scout programs? Email or use the form below. To make a reservation, please call (516) 572-4066.

Tiger Elective Adventure - Sky is the Limit (1.5 hours)
Explore space in our very own Sky Theater Planetarium. Enjoy the wonders in the night sky and create your own constellation to take home. Learn about astronauts who travelled through space! Did you know that many astronauts were scouts?! 

Wolf Elective Adventure - Air of the Wolf (1.5 hours)
Air is all around us. It can’t be seen, but air can be felt, measured, and harnessed, too. Make your own kite to take home and conduct air experiments that will “blow you away!”

Wolf Elective Adventure - Code of the Wolf (1.5 hours)
Codes are used every day - they help us organize, count, and even communicate! Decode a secret message, too! Make a rekenrek to help you count and learn about codes and signals to help you communicate. It’s no secret - codes are fun to use!

Wolf Elective Adventure - Motor Away (1.5 hours)
Create airplanes, boats, and cars that can move along using air, rubber bands, and balloons! Then put them to the test, racing on water, ground, and air. Put the “motor away” and use power of your own! 

Bear Elective Adventure - Baloo the Builder (1.5 hours) (additional $5 materials fee)
Learn about basic hand tools and how to safely use them. Once you’ve mastered the tools, build a useful wooden toolbox and a fun project, too! A little practice and you, too, will be a builder!

Bear Elective Adventure - Forensics (1.5 hours)
Become a detective and learn the methods for collecting evidence. From fingerprinting to chromatography, put investigator practices to the test!

Bear Elective Adventure - Make It Move (1.5 hours)
From an exploding stick reaction to a Rube Goldberg, accomplish a simple task in a most complicated way! Learn about simple machines and how they are used in the most complex ways. Why make it easy when you can make it move!

Bear Elective Adventure - Robotics (1.5 hours)
Robots are out-of-this world! Or are they? Robots are used in our lives every day. Discover how robotics are used today and how they will be used in our future. Build a robotic hand to take home! 

Webelos Elective Adventure - Adventures in Science (1.5 hours)
Your adventures in Science will take you from chemistry, to electricity, and beyond! Learn about fair tests and apply them to real-life experiments! Ready for take-off? Explore science that’s out of this world!

Webelos Elective Adventure - Engineer (1.5 hours) (additional $5 materials fee)
Look around - look at buildings, bridges, even space ships… everything began with an idea, an idea that’s been developed by an engineer. Learn the engineering process - from idea to blueprint to design. Build a shock-absorbing system and lunar module that you can take home! 

Want to learn more about the Cub Scout programs? Please use the form below or to make a reservation, please call 516-572-4066.

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