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Dear Educator,

Here you can find Educational Programs, Planetarium Shows, Dome Theater Films, FREE Professional Development for Teachers and much more! Trips and Classes at the Cradle are BOCES Fund-able.

This year, in addition to our many classes, we’ve added a new class:Invisible Light where students will learn that in astronomy it is important to make observations over a broad range of energies because different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum will give us different pieces of information. Through group experimentation, with specialized activities at different workstations, students will discover that invisible light is as real as visible light!. All of our museum classes are aligned with common core and state standards.

We are proud to welcome teachers and students to our Jet Blue Sky Theater Planetarium This technology will treat your students to realistic close-up views of Earth, star fields and planets, taking them on an exhilarating flight through a virtual re-creation of our universe. With access to data from NASA and the European Space Agency, and a database of more than two billion stars developed by the Museum of Natural History, our theater will take students on a virtual tour of the universe as never seen before!

We look forward to an excellent 2013-2014 school year and to seeing you and your students!

The links to the left provide everything you’ll need to plan a very rewarding trip to the Cradle. To book a class trip or reserve your own sneak-peek, please call 516-572-4066. We look forward to serving you and your students during your field trip to the Cradle of Aviation.


Jennifer Baxmeyer

Director of Education

FREE Educator Guide
Thanks to a New York State Council on the Arts grant, when you book your class visit, you will receive our 40 page educator guide containing both pre and post visit activities. Enjoy our flip book version below, it's also downloadable as a PDF.